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Welcome to Fillmore Spencer LLC, a team of nearly two dozen attorneys helping residents and small and midsize businesses resolve pressing legal matters thoroughly, promptly and cost-effectively on a daily basis. We represent a wide range of Utah clients for a variety of legal matters:

    • Businesses — From small, private companies to medium-sized corporations, we help business navigate or resolve contract, employment, regulatory, intellectual property, real estate and other commercial- and business-related legal challenges.
    • Individuals —  We advise and represent clients who seek justice and compensation for serious injuries caused by the negligence of others. We also help Utah residents resolve family law, estate planning and bankruptcy issues. We provide counsel and represent individuals who need to answer to criminal charges or participate in police investigations.

Our Federal Immigration Law Attorneys Help Clients Nationwide Pursue Citizenship, Green Cards, and Visas of all Kinds

Our Reviews
I absolutely have had the best experience with Geidy! She has helped us so much through our immigration journey with my husband. I am so thankful that we have her as our attorney she has gone above and beyond my expectations!
Kresta Reyes
22:37 14 Feb 18
Mark,Congratulations on the Mission Mark. You're Awesome Dude! Thanks for all your help over the years. You give lawyers and attorneys a good name by adding respect, credibility and reverence to an industry full of tattered reputation. I started thinking about old times (my first businesses) reading your email. I opened our first Omniserve Wireless store in 1997. Admen is my 4th business. I quickly browsed old records, thinking about how much you've helped my businesses, to find less than 10K in legal fees over 20 years. It was worth so much more!There are very few people that have added so much value to my life while after only a few short meetings and emails. I appreciate the efficiency, the transparency, and that your advise turned out to be the best advise. Keeping us out of court and minimizing arbitration costs. I just chuckled to myself thinking about the fact that I am writing these words about an 'attorney'. I thought about leaving a review but no one would believe me. LOL. You and your firm have been a rock solid partner to my small businesses. It took your retirement for me to truly appreciate the help. We need more solid people in the world like you Mark. Thanks for treating me, my money and company with respect. Enjoy the mission
Cody Baird
22:07 14 Feb 18
I am very grateful for the work that Randy Spencer and the staff at Fillmore Spencer. I offer my highest recommendation.
Rob Muhlestein
16:25 05 Feb 18
We worked with Kara North in the adoption of our son this year and she was phenomenal. We were referred to her by LDS services along with a few other adoption attorneys. Out of all other attorneys We chose Kara with Fillmore Spencer because we instantly connected with her. Kara was very understanding, personal, and extremely thorough from the very beginning. I loved that out of all the other law firms, we always talked/worked with Kara directly and not a middleman or assistant. Kara always responded to us in an extremely timely manner and made a stressful time one of the best in our lives. Adoption can be nerve racking but Kara always made us feel at ease and that she had everything under control. Kara was always there for us and made us feel like we were her only clients. Kara went above and beyond in getting us the help and resources needed in our adoption. I honestly don't think any other attorney would do as much for you as Kara did for us! She was also very affordable and beyond worth every penny! We see Kara as not just our attorney but also a great friend! She will forever be one of the biggest blessings in our life for helping us get our miracle baby. I would refer Kara North time and time again to anyone looking for an attorney for any reason!
Torina Dredge
18:18 18 Aug 17
Kara north was amazing... She helped us through everything we had to do to adopt our 2 little guys ... She is very communicative and makes sure you know what have to do every step of the way ..
Jennifer France
16:36 18 May 18
Randy Spencer is amazing. So is Simeon Vance. Nothing but good things to say about this firm.
Daniel Chad Blackwelder
15:14 22 May 18
Geidy did a great job helping me reinstating my student visa and getting my green card. She let me know the documents we'd need from the start and after that we never hit any road blocks. I got my green card really easy and I feel like Geidy's work on the case and the documents, played a big part in that. Josh and Levi also did an amazing job throughout this process.
Barzin Baban
03:28 24 May 18
Got in a nasty car accident as a passenger and recieved the bad end of the stick from the insurance agency. I was left with nothing but loads of hospital bills and a bad back/neck injury. My buddy works as a paralegal there at the firm and recommended I speak with an attorney in order to help pay my bills and get some assistance with my injuries. I was hesitant at first, as I grew up being told that lawyers were blood sucking parasites. I was very pleasantly surprised after meeting with my attorney. I didn't know anything about legal procedures so they kindly and patiently walked the whole thing through with me until I finally got my just dues a year after the accident. You won't regret making friends with this law firm. They are excellent people to have on your side! 10/10 would do again (Working with them, I mean. Not the car accident... That hurt... A lot).
Ethan Christensen
19:09 13 Jun 18
Randy Spencer is an attorney that's great in the clutch. When I was charged with multiple felonies including aggravated arson (5 to life), he helped me navigate a system that I quickly learned doesn't automatically sort the innocent from the guilty. I vetted about a dozen different law firms and Randy quickly gained my confidence with his nuanced understanding of criminal statutes relevant to my case. Here's a couple things to expect when you retain Randy Spencer:1) He listens more than he talks, and when he talks, you better listen. The guy talks like most lawyers write a final draft of a legal brief. It's probably a function of years of experience, but it is also apparent that this guy is a legal genius. 2) His advice and counsel looks even better in hindsight. This guy knows all the judges and prosecutors. Everything he predicted would happen did happen. I had a tough decision to make about whether to take a plea deal. He walked me through why the offer was better than the best possible outcome at trial. I was really nervous, but I trusted his judgement. I'm really glad I listened to him.3) His unassuming presence in the courtroom means he can keep winning for you over and over again. He isn't going to bring down thunder and lightning on the prosecution. He takes the lead on bringing everyone in the courtroom to a reasonable and fair outcome based on the facts of the case.4) Randy is a better value than every other criminal attorney out there. It isn't fair to Randy, but a criminal attorney that is 10x better than his peers can't charge 10x more per hour in this market. I'm never going to regret paying a little more for an outcome that meant absolutely no jail time for me.
Brad Hanks
02:03 04 Jul 18
Este abogado Levi es muy bueno. El ayudo a mi y mi pometido. El sabe bien manejar la sistema del corte. Mi prometido no fue deportado pero en vez recibio algo que se llama voluntary departure. Gracias a esto ahora estamos applicando para su visa de prometido y ahora, hay chansa que el tenga la oportuidad de recibirlo. Sin el ayuda de ese senor Levi hay poco chansa que mi prometido jamas podia calificarse abajo de una deportacion. Pero ese senor hizo posible que el corte le ofrece algo mejor y por eso tal vez mi prometido va a calificarse para el visado en cuidad Juares el 22 de octubre. Este se si sabe hablar espanol pero el sabe bien representar los latinos por lo que yo veo. El ayudo a nosotros. Buena suerte para ustedes y que dios los bendiga.
Sabi Baird
02:30 07 Sep 18
Amazing to work with. I was having a horrible time with the insurance companies that were at fault. Spent too long arguing with them. I finally decided to hire Randall. He took care of me and got me out of the, seemingly, never ending hell. Took a lot of the stress out of dealing with the doctors and insurances.
Benjamin Deschine
04:03 10 Oct 18
La mejor experiencia que a tenido en mi primer acidente ver encontrado un buen abogado para que me ayudara en mi acidente. El abogado Levi que fue muy bueno y me dijo todo me ayudo y pelio por mi asistente Deborah muy amiable. Yo estoy muy agradecido con todo. A todas las personas que tengan un acidente no duden en llamar a Levi es una persona que pelea con todo. Se los recomiendo!
Aaron Noriega
17:07 11 Oct 18
Had such an amazing experience with Debbie Wentz during the year of my case. Always there to answer my questions and supporting me through this hard time.
nilla ramos
00:12 20 Oct 18
These guys were really great to work with over the year and a half that our case took to be settled. Dealing with insurance companies for an auto accident can be slow going, but we were always reassured and kept up-to-date by the team. Totally recommended Fillmore and Spencer!
Erica Rivera
03:07 02 Nov 18
I got in a car accident that was not my fault(rear ended).Levi Adams was my lawyer he did an awesome job ,giving me confidence, to get back to normal life after surgery,he s bilingual (Spanish -english) sometimes legal matters are complicated to get you understand back and foward.You never go by yourself to solve this type of accidents,insurances most of the time are not fare.That why I would strongly recommend Levi he will tell you As it is,and he would get you what is fare ,It could take long time to get results but he doesn't back down until is fare.Thanks Again .Muchas Gracias!Levi Adams.and his assist Kaitlin Nelson (bilingual spanish -english)
Magali Andino
18:32 02 Jan 19
We started our case for a car accident about a year and a half ago and it was kinda passed around and I think our attorney quit so we thought they dropped the case. Then we got a call from Kaitlin and Kara and they took charge, got us our settlement quickly, kept us in the loop and we are very happy with there professionalism and response. We would recommend Fillmore and spencer because of Kaitlin and Kara!
Courtney Jensen
17:19 04 Jan 19
They are great so awesome to work with. The nicest people ever LEVI IS THE BEST!! Always willing to help And make sure to update about your case and help with anything needed. 😃
Ben Machuca
01:10 13 Jan 19
Randy Spencer is a great lawyer. He is very knowledgeable, professional and he does his job well. Not only is he great at what he does, but he is also a good person. He is always kind, understanding and respectful. He is great to work with. I would highly recommend Randy.
Brad & Brenda Black
02:32 12 Feb 19
I highly recommend Levi Adams! He has always been there to help us with all the questions we had. He made the whole legal process easy and stress free for our family and client. He will do everything in his power to be able to get what you need and what is best convenient for you. Levi is the best lawyer that we could find. Thank you Levi!!
Anny Hidalgo
17:47 13 Feb 19
Levi Adams is not only a good lawyer, he is an excellent professional in the area of ​​immigration during the process he performed in an organized manner with his team at Fillmore Spencer until obtaining the results that had been planned. My husband and I are happy because my case was approved. We recommend it completely.
john street
00:45 30 Mar 19
Levi Adam's is an excellent lawyer, he and the firm not only helped us with our immigration case but succeeded without any issues, thanks to the professionalism and the care from Levi now we will he able to reunite a family and they will have a better future here. We couldn't done it without his help!The same day we went for a consultation in our case Levi informed me he does work with car accidents too, and I had one few days before our appointment. Again succeeded getting me the medical treatment and everything I needed to resolve the issue since I was not at fault. Levi took such of good care of me and my family I will always recommend him.
Mey Osuna
21:22 26 Apr 19
Levi Adams is not only a good lawyer, he 's very knowledgeable professional when it come to any ​​immigration case during the process he performed in an organized manner Fillmore Spencer until obtaining the results that had been planned. My wife and I are happy because my case was approved. I highly recommend him for any case, he is always there to answer any question we had. He helped us through everything we had to do, we were very grateful for the work that Levi Adams provide to us.
Cardy Jacks
22:07 26 Apr 19
Had a great experience working with Randall to protect myself in a case. They made it so easy and so simple to understand things and resolve things. He came highly recommended from another friend and I'll tell you I'm so glad that I was able to use him to my defense.
Joseph Mon
20:56 28 Apr 19
C. Tripp, These guys are great I have went through 2 totally separate settlement with them, and now I am referring them to 4 of my family members. They're very trustworthy and they work fast great people. Also they are very friendly... And take your case seriously and not put it on the back burner as they work on bigger settlements till they get to your case. They work on yours right away, and they bust their butt doing. I became friends with Randy Spencer and he is a great man and a great lawyer. I would refer these guys to any one. From, Casey Tripp LOL! I ACTUALLY DO...
Casey Tripp
02:51 18 May 19
Spencer handled my case! My husband & I got hit by a intoxicated driver! It left us both needing medical attention! I had a breast implant that popped & Spencer helped me to get that issue fixed fast as well as help fixing my back! My husband has had 3 surgeries & his case is still ongoing but we have received a lot of money! They did a fantastic job! Outstanding! Thank you Spencer!
Addisson Onyx
21:27 29 May 19
I started off working with Levi and then Kara took over for the duration of my case. These two were awesome. I was hit by a drunk driver, and they helped me to get everything I needed. There were some bumps during the case but they stuck with me and eventually achieved the settlement I needed. They also have an awesome paralegal Rachel who is extremely on top of things and very dependable. Their team was great at communicating with me which helped things go smoothly. I would recommend anyone to this firm.
Sam Perez
04:54 15 Jun 19
Heidi was a great attorney, and provided the best customer service. She helped me throughout my personal injury case and consistently gave me updates and checked up on my progress. If you're looking for an attorney I highly recommend her.
00:19 11 Jul 19
The associate was very knowledgeable and made sure I understood all legalities. She made some very helpful suggestions but made sure the wording of the document was exactly as I wanted. She also worked in a very timely manner. Personally she was friendly and outgoing. The same can be said for the office staff. I never had to wait more than a couple of minutes past my appointment time.
Doris Beesley
04:23 14 Aug 19
Kara North was great. It was a Friday afternoon, and just found elastic minute I needed an Attorney for an adoption. Out of 5 Adoption Attorneys in Provo. Kara is the only one that called back. Not only that, she spent at least an hour on the phone with me explaining everything I would need, and how to prepare even before retaining her. Best experience I have ever had. She showed up at 700 Pm that next Monday night at the Hospital, and handled everything. She is truly amazing. Would not recommend anyone else.Thank you, Kara.Sincerely, the Patton’s
John and Ame
03:18 14 Aug 19
Scott Card, Kara North and Natalie Card were the best legal team anybody could ever hope for. They stuck with my case through thick and thin. They were caring, professional and handled every step intelligently. I was really impressed how Scott could see ahead and anticipate the opposing side's next move. His cool head and being several paces ahead is what sealed the deal and gave us the favorable outcome in the settlement process. I highly recommend them! I couldn't be happier except for now that the case is over, we won't be hanging out together so often and, believe it or not, we had some great times together throughout the process. How could you not enjoy time spent with such terrific people? Especially when they are the team who has your back? If you are lucky enough to get this team, there won't be a question as to whether or not your case is being handled by the best!
kellly dane
00:17 16 Aug 19
Scott did a great job on my case that took a long time to settle. He keep me informed and worked very hard to get what was fair. I would recommend Him to anyone that need representation.
Nicholas Adams
03:08 16 Aug 19
From the attorneys, to the paralegals, everyone was very thorough and professional. Conversations were honest, and felt like they were actually looking out for my well being. Extremely satisfied with the work they provided!
Carlos Tapia
01:47 17 Aug 19
We have use Fillmore Spencer twice now. One for a step parent adoption and one for child custody case. Kara North and Aaron Dodd were both amazing! They were both so helpful and honest with what they felt they could do as far as outcomes, which obviously don’t always turn out how we may want. They both didn’t sugar coat things and helped my husband and I decide what would work best for each of our cases. We will definitely use Fillmore Spencer again for any future family court cases.
Amber Roper
04:12 21 Aug 19
Kara North is the absolute best adoption lawyer in my opinion. A mama bear that inspires confidence, fights for what is best for your child and does not leave the leg work to clients. You want the best outcome? Hire a mother who understands. Hire Kara.
Destiny Stone
21:21 02 Oct 19
Fillmore Spencer is a very trustworthy law firm. They have great lawyers. The one that took care of our case was Levi Adams. He is specialized in immigration cases. If you are looking for a great, experienced, knowledgeable lawyer to confide your situation or case, he is very prepared. I would definitely recommend him. His price is fair and you will be in good hands. Any time we were concerned he was always able to answer our questions and make us feel comfortable. Our entire process went smoothly and we were super prepared because we had a really good lawyer taking care of all our needs.If I had to pick one thing that I liked about him, it is that he is very meticulous. Which I actually appreciate because that shows that he cares, is willing to fight for your rights, and win your case.
JohnDiaz8 .
05:12 16 Oct 19
Bill Fillmore is an exceptional attorney. Bill is remarkably respected within the legal community and is well-regarded as ethical, fair, and diplomatic. Bill is insightful. He is trustworthy, tremendously detail-oriented and consistently provides sound counsel that is not only principled, but applicable and rational in today's business environment. Over the last 17 years, Bill has skillfully navigated important and complex legal issues and business transactions on behalf of my family and my firm. During this time, I have been singularly impressed with the quality of his character, his work ethic, and his commitment to represent his clients.
Kent Andersen
00:14 13 Nov 19
I have worked with Bill for over 20 years and hold him in the highest regard. Bill is a man of integrity and is respected by all who know him or who have worked with him. He is very competent and experienced in many different areas and has been instrumental in helping us form a few new entities in addition to taking the lead on an acquisition of one of our companies.
Tod Schulthess
22:10 12 Nov 19
I have been associated with Bill Fillmore for over 20 years in the community and he has served our non-profit organization in an excellent manner. He is quick to respond and follows through with precision. He is always ready to go the extra mile in giving us the service needed. I recommend him without any reservations.
Paul Warner
21:10 26 Nov 19
I trust and highly recommend Bill Fillmore of Fillmore Spencer Law. Bill set up the US entity of our company, headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. He designed our executive structure and operating rules. He created all of our legal documents from consultant contracts to employment contracts and helped us attain our legal entity, company name and trademark registrations.
Fritz Black
16:21 21 Nov 19
Bill Fillmore with Fillmore Spencer has always provided excellent legal service and personable advice with understanding the different issues. He has been great counsel for both my personal and business needs while being very accessible with timely communications. He has helped with negotiations, bill of sales, transfer of titles, leases, easements, property boundaries, etc., along with personal planning. Bill and His law firm has my highest of recommendations with legal assistance.
John Alleman
23:59 14 Dec 19
I leave this company with there help as a 5 STAR. I got all my questions answered and they explained everything and they keep posted! Staff are great especially with my kids! My case worker Deborah was so nice to us and she dealt with my case amazingly! Thank you so much!
Malieta Estrada
20:45 02 Mar 20
I was involved in a case which took five years to settle. Fillmore Spencer was there every step of the way and was as helpful as possible. When we encountered problems, they resolved them as quickly as possible. I was always informed immediately of any developments in my case and had any and all options clearly explained to me. And given what a difficult client I know I am, I can honestly say they know how to handle difficult clients with expert gloves:)! While my lawsuit was miserable, these guys made the experience more tolerable. They are officially my legal team now!!!
Jose Hernandez-Gil
22:13 11 Mar 20
If anyone is looking for a Trade Mark attorney i highly recommend Fillmore and Spencer " Barnard". He took my call and gave sound advice for almost 20min. FREE! He's done 2 of our companies and every penny was worth it.
Emma Casuga
21:36 31 Mar 20
This is the second time we work with Kara and her team, which means they are amazing to work with. No matter how small or big our cases were they were always responsive, friendly and caring.
Lucy Bedolla
16:45 23 Apr 20
CARING - COMMUNICATION - COMPETENTThose 3 words first come to mind as Fillmore Spencer (specifically Kara) have represented me as legal counsel. CARING: This should be the FIRST thing people seek before potentially hiring legal counsel. Some lawyers only care about getting paid, and not necessarily interested in the clients' situation. Kara initially expressed concern over my particular circumstance and asked a TON of questions, was very thorough and requested all the information I had. That "shows" that she cares, in her actions. Another word for caring is Integrity, of which she has an immense amount of. COMMUNICATION: The messages I wanted conveyed to opposing counsel has been strategically communicated very well by Kara. She has always been clear and transparent with me, giving me options through all the twists and turns of my particular case. She is patient, understanding and is very responsive whenever I did not understand something. Her response time alone is invaluable. I believe that is one of the main complaints people have with lawyers, which was never an issue with Kara!COMPETENT: You can like a professional all you want or they can be really nice, but ultimately you will want someone who will get you results. People initially go to lawyers to resolve an issue, and mostly if not all, in their favor. I have been pleased at the direction my case has been going but also truly believe Kara is a lawyer who cares, communicates well and is competent. Although this is a long review, this is worth it! In Construction, Insurance and Law, each of those industries are expensive, but when you find a good company or person, hold on to that "Diamond in the Rough" which is what you will get with Kara and Fillmore Spencer!
Will 'Unga
16:17 14 Jul 20
We worked with Kara North to do a step parent adoption. Even when COVID-19 came into play, she helped us get the process done quickly and efficiently. She was always professional, quick to reply to any questions and was a true pleasure to work with. If we have any legal needs in the future she will be the first person we reach out to!
Misty Jensen
23:54 13 Jul 20
We Worked with Laura Lui. She was so kind and very assuring. She responded to our messages ASAP and answered all the questions we had. She worked really hard to make sure our waiver and green card was submitted on time and also approved. We couldn’t be happier with her service which is also very affordable.
Amaka Onuoha
16:22 14 Jul 20
Aaron Dodd provided me with kind, firm and straight forward counsel in my family law case. We won all judgements presented to the court.
Kathleen Mesaros
01:47 22 Jul 20
We have worked with Attorney Laura Lui and have the utmost respect for how she serves her Polynesian community. We trust her completely and know that she will do what’s best for the client. We are truly grateful to her for her knowledge and professionalism in handling our case. She is proficient, prompt, and very personable. She will go far and beyond what is expected and asked of her...we are so thankful. She has become like family! Fa’afetai tele lava! Melissa Polu
Boxy Liny
05:36 06 Aug 20
Thank you Fillmore Spencer for having Matthew Howell in your team! Very communicative, knowledgeable, attentive and ready to answer any questions. Everything you look for in a lawyer. Couldn’t ask for more. So glad I moved forward with Fillmore Spencer for my case. I will definitely recommend Matthew Howell and Fillmore Spencer. They will take care of you.
17:28 12 Aug 20
I would HIGHLY recommend Fillmore Spencer and in particular, Barney Madsen. Barney has been my attorney for many years and I would have to say, he has been a lifesaver! I would tell you that the service I have received helps me personally and in my business dealings as well more than I can say! Fillmore Spencer is the firm for you!!
Anthony Kleinsmith
18:33 20 Aug 19
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