Geidy Achecar named to Utah County DA’s Conviction Integrity Commission

Fillmore Spencer is proud to acknowledge our associate, Geidy Achecar, for the honor of being named to Utah County District Attorney David Leavitt’s Conviction Integrity Commission.  

Geidy and the other members of the nine person panel will review cases prosecuted by the Utah County DA’s office and make recommendations to DA Leavitt.  If Leavitt agrees that the person was factually innocent, or that there were procedural errors, he will vacate the conviction.  The board will also consider allegations of prosecutorial misconduct that will be reviewed against internal policy and then referred to the Utah State Bar if they rise to the level of ethics violations.

This is both a great honor, and a major commitment that Geidy is making to donate her time and talents to keep our Utah County legal system honest and transparent.  Thank you Geidy!

Read more about the board and its mission in The Desert News.

Mark D. Stubbs is a founding partner at Fillmore Spencer.  Mark has been practicing law for more than 40 years in the states of Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. He seeks the most effective and economical solutions to business, employment, and other legal matters confronting his clients, who hail from all around the state of Utah.  Mark currently focuses his practice on business disputes, employment law, mediation and arbitration, business planning and organization, contracts, and negotiations.

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